We fight to hold on & we fight to let go

We fight to hold on & we fight to let go

We know what to do but we just can’t do it because we are still waiting for that loss to come back. ~ Sire Wiedersehen 

Enjoying feeling sad about loss is a wrong terminology. In order to have happiness, there must be sadness and vice versa. A more correct terminology is to be present in the moment and let the feelings come when they come. Trying not to feel something creates tension and stress. When you allow yourself to feel, you begin to heal. I don’t enjoy that process, but it has made me a stronger person. Not everyone lives in the present. Living in the present means to experience the sensations of the moment just as it is. It takes effort to be in the present for some people. ~ Karen Snow

Lesson is a session of instruction. While guilt, anger, love, loss and betrayal are feelings. It’s true that it’s hard to let go and change is never easy that’s why we fight to hold and we fight to let go, but it’s not the hardest lesson. The hardest is when you become selfish and possessive. It creates trouble not only in your mind but also in action. You can physically hurt yourself and the one you love and sometimes it leads into crimes. So much better if we practice ourselves in having much patience and understanding and learned the art of giving and forgiving. ~ Royale Bow

Letting go is the best medicine in all. Just put in your mind that everything happen for a reason. It’s hard to let go but you don’t have any choice but to accept the fact that you have to let go or else, you will feel lonely forever and you can’t aim what you really deserve in your life. So better let go & fight. Everyone deserve much better. ~ Anj Bautista 

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