When you get hurt the most

When you get hurt the most

In the end you will at least know that you did, gave and showed your love for that other someone. If they didn’t value that love it’s no longer on you and you move on. ~ Esleydi Garrido 

The cool thing is you attract just that other people with good hearts. ~ Jennifer Deady

It is better to have a pure heart because whatever you do you expect nothing in return. The only reason we get hurt is because of expectations.

That’s what I call love unconditionally. Love is the absent of judgement in everything you do. The hurt we feel is because we expect something in return. When we give wholeheartedly without a string attached, ” We gain the feelings of self rewards and that’s the price we gain from having a good heart, not pain or hurts. ~ Feliuaki Johnston 

Do good things because it’s the right thing to do, not because you want praise or reward. People might take advantage or hurt you, but your life will be happier when you stop expecting a gold medal and stop painting yourself as a victim. ~ Christina Auchterlonie 

When you are a good soul, you help when you can, you trust what you can, you give what you can, you love all you can and it always seems like you get whatever you need the most.

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