The person you thought would never hurt you

The person you thought would never hurt you

You will be hurt by the very person you thought could never hurt you. Acknowledge, move on. Did you die because of it? No. Did you learn that you are still okay despite that? Have you changed your priorities because of it? Hopefully! Have you learned yet that true happiness comes from within? Absolutely. ~ Lorna Rush 

If you set the expectation that you are never going to get hurt by anyone than when you do, it’s disappointing. We all know by now hurt is a part of life. ~ Unknown

Regret or feeling sorry for whomever hurt us keeps us focused on the past and can corrode our present lives. Learn from the past and move forward. Life’s short! Enjoy the good moments. ~ Ana Resdz 

I had to come to terms with the fact that I unintentionally hurt the ones I love, so how can expect them to never unintentionally hurt me. Life hurts! it’s how we respond to that hurt that matters. ~ Bonnie Corns 

You get up , dust yourself, move on, did that person deserve your love and time. No! Carry on and make the best of everything you can. ~ Julie Gillard 

Everyone will hurt you at some point as we will hurt others. It’s part of our human existence. Lower expectations and forgiveness is the key. ~ Wendy John 

Everyone will let you down some day. You too will let others down. It’s human nature. Nobody’s perfect, and we all have our different values. I have been disappointed before but once I realized that there is no person that won’t disappoint someone else in this world, I got over it. ~ Kishani Jayasinghe 

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