Some changes look negative in your life

Some changes look negative in your life

Sometimes we need to let go of things in order to make room for the favors that God has for us. What we have is not always the right thing. For example, years ago I had a job for a year and finally got on the day shift. They were so unfair about their policies that I quit that job. I was out of work a little while and saw an ad for a job at Delta Dental. I applied and got the job the very same day. At that time the starting pay was so good I couldn’t believe it. Thirty-five years later I retired from Delta Dental and now have a pension that is meeting my needs every month. God does amazing things for us everyday but we do not always recognize at the time that he has our best interest at heart. Whether it was a job, relationship or other change I am sure that we have all experienced this in our lives. Trust God to direct your steps! Pray that you make the right choices. ~ Karen Walker 

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