Soft hearted people are not fools

Soft hearted people are not fools

Humans are not perfect. My children, my husband, my parents, my siblings, and my friends and I, we will make our mistakes and have our disagreements and perhaps let each other down at times. We will encounter our difficulties. That is why we will forgive again and again and again because we love each other. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Show the love – karma does the rest!

If you know God and put His words in your heart you can always forgive people what ever they did to you and sometimes people change because of you. ~ Richelle Eliseo 

I am soft hearted, but got taken advantage of once too often and since then I have made myself top priority. ~ David Mackay 

Forgiveness is for you. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you allow yourself to be hurt over and over again for the same reason by the same person as if it never happened. It means you keep your heart clean and pure by forgiving yourself and learning the lesson associated with the transgression which allows you to peacefully move forward. Forgiveness makes you better, wiser and stronger, not the contrary. ~ Penny Gipson 

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