Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness

Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness

Recognize your thoughts for what they are. Your thoughts, then tell and say to yourself/ mind.Stop! I refuse to think these negative thoughts. It takes practices, but the more you stop it (on purpose) and choose and different happy thought, the more easier it will become to you. Just remind yourself, “I am the thinker of my own thoughts” and I chose not to think negative, stressful thoughts then on purpose. Change your thinking to a happy thought. Soon with practice, it will get easier and easier. It works! ~ Cindy Roy  

Some, it just isn’t going to happen. Some people’s brains are wired differently and the problem is not going away. OCD…Bi-polar…it’s just a reality. So I will say this: Yes, do your best to keep occupied and think positively. Work on your self-talk. Do for others and get the focus off self, but I won’t say just stop over-thinking and be positive. Sometimes one cannot make oneself get out of bed or out of one’s own head. To those of you, I say: It’s OK. Forgive yourselves and don’t be quite so hard on yourselves. Accept what you are and remember that aspects of your emotional self also make you wicked amazing. Don’t lose sight of that. Try to eliminate negative people and energy from your lives. If you can’t make yourself do anything in that moment. At least be “frozen” out in nature if possible. Let the wind and trees and skies comfort your mind.

Don’t stress over thinking too much and then obsess on that. It’s hard enough being an over-thinker without crucifying yourself for being an over-thinker on top of it all. You are ok. You have gifts that others don’t have because of who and how you are. For some, saying to stop over-thinking works, for others of us, it is a glib statement and hard to hear when you have spent your whole life failing in that department. So just be gentle with yourself. It will be alright. ~ Susie Arnold 

Turn off your television. Breath from your lungs instead of your chest. Listen to your inner thoughts in a distraction free environment. Hear your thoughts. Set a minute to 30 seconds of a completely thinking free moment. During this moment move very slowly calculating every move also being conscious of every slightest movement. When you return back to your normal speed you will notice where your stress is coming from and stop it by slowing down literally. Breathing deep healthy breaths from your lungs all day, and don’t forget to smile every once in a while. ~ Hinae Moore 

Start to observe your thoughts and realize you are not your thoughts. Thoughts come and go but they are not you. Your thoughts will only keep you prisoner until you learn to let go. There’s no need to be living in the past, it’s gone. It causes depression and yet doesn’t define who you are right now. Learn from the experience, but let go. Today is a new day. There’s no need to be living in the future, it hasn’t happened. It causes anxiety and there’s no guarantee your “what ifs” will come to pass. Live right now and realize every day you have the opportunity to change your circumstances just by adjusting your focus. You might “think” you can’t change your circumstances, but this is only a thought not you. By going over the same thoughts over and over again you spend hours on hours reliving the same experiences. Things in the past that can’t be changed and things in the future that probably won’t happen. Just think how much of our lives are wasted in this cycle of thoughts while we miss opportunities in the only moment that really exists right now. ~ Kathryn Bosch 

The mind can easily run wild if you’re not aware about the way you think about yourself and life. If your thoughts don’t serve you and are negative your life can easily become a result of your thoughts. Negative thoughts don’t serve you any good, but if you choose to create space for good thoughts that serve your highest and best, then let your mind run wild. ~ Turið Húsgarð 

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