Never push a Loyal person

Never push a Loyal person

It’s so sad when people don’t know what they have until they push it away and it’s gone and even sadder if they push it away and don’t realize they’ve lost anything. ~ Bridget Graham 

Abusive people do it all the time. The key is to set boundaries and walk away when the abuse will not stop. ~ Teresa Waters 

Even worse when they push it away, and then blame you for not giving them yet one more chance. ~ Shody Lytle 

Just give it time! Eventually they’ll push you to that point, and then once you no longer care, you can move on and find happiness in your life again, too. It just took me a lot longer than it probably should have, because I gave my ex far too many “second chances” and kept trying to “make things work,” even when absolutely nothing was working. The last straw for me was when he added me back on Facebook and then, just hours later, after a stupid misunderstanding, instead of talking it out like we should have, he just blocked me again. I moved on and now I’m with someone who actually loves me enough to want to talk things out, whatever the issue is; and we’ve been friends long enough, and cared about each other long enough *(over ten years) that we both know we don’t ever want to say or do anything to destroy our friendship, either. ~ Debbie Doherty 

Do not take one’s trust for granted because once the boundary has broken, it is a challenge to bring it back for one is real and genuine to you. So do treasure if you met one. ~ Michelle Tay 

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