Never ever judge anyone by what you hear from others

No one has the right to judge you

No one reacts the same way to circumstances in their lives. No one has walked in your shoes nor do they begin to know how you are feeling unless you are feeling it yourself. ~ Diane Caron 

Until you know everything about a person, and I do mean everything, no one has the right to judge them! Sweep around your own front steps before you try to sweep around mine! ~ Gloria Easley 

Never ever judge anyone by what you hear from others. Or just by what you think . Understand that everyone has their own reasons for everything . You never know someone’s whole life. ~ Smiler Edwins 

You need to touch bottom before you can go any where and if people don’t know the real truth they are happy to listen to lies, but glad to say liars have their day, what goes round comes round. ~ David Fairbairn 

Don’t worry about someone else or what they are doing. If they wanted you to know they would tell you. If they don’t tell you then you should know where you stand.

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