Learn to be alone & enjoy your company

Learn to be alone & enjoy your company

You have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with someone else. ~ Angie Holz 

I still have a silent friend who has kept me company ever since I was a child. That silent friend is me – my inner self. I enjoy my own company and never once have I felt lonely. ~ Jonathan Oldfield 

Sometimes if you get used to spend time with yourself, you would find a new you in yourself. I find it as one of the pleasant things in my life. ~ Zubairia Khan 

Spent many years so afraid of being alone. The life circumstances came along and I was alone – at first I was so scared but as time went by I started paying attention to myself, starting enjoying things by myself and before I knew it, I was completely happy alone with myself. ~ Janet Philippe 

If you can’t live with yourself how can live with others. Enjoy your solitude.

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