If we really want to love someone

If we really want to love someone

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. Forgiveness is freeing you of the bondage of the past, totally awesome feeling, when you allow it to happen. ~ Beth Guntzel 

Forgiveness is learning to love yourself again. It has nothing to do with the person who hurt you. If you love yourself, you will let go of the pain. If you love yourself, you will not allow the hurt to harden you and block love from entering. If you love yourself, you will open your heart to happiness again. If you love yourself, you will choose to be at peace. ~ Nikka Rose 

It depends upon the situation and circumstances to make decision either to forgive or not. ~ Kiara Soha 

I do and I have forgiven. God has helped me along the way. I also learned that when forgiving others I don’t need to keep following those I have forgiven so I won’t set my self up to be put back in a situation where I can be hurt again. I will always love but from a distance. ~ Loretta Lucero 

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