Don’t you know that love isn’t just going to bed?

Don't you know that love isn't just going to bed

It takes work and I can happily say me and my significant other have succeeded for over fifty five years. I am truly blessed! ~ Barbara Lands 

It isn’t that’s it’s rare. It’s rarely found because we, as a society, do not hold out for it. Everyone is in a rush, want instant gratification, do not listen to our inner voice, and settle for convenience and financial stability. Money can’t buy this. Hold out for it. It’ll come when you least expect it and when it’s right it will be easy. You won’t be afraid. When you find that person, and hard times are at your front door, you will never consider wanting out no matter how bad it is. That love does exist. Hold out for it. Peace! ~ Tiny Beagle 

Love is a decision which initially comes from a conscious effort to stand by each other and at an advanced level, this commitment grows into an in borne craving where your spouse becomes an integral or natural part of your life just like breathing is natural to any living organism. ~ Babatunde Ayoughbamie 

Don’t take your love for granted or that they will be there with you forever. They can be taken from you in a moment notice, no longer being able to share those dreams with you. Show them kindness, love, dignity, and respect. ~ Marie Spencer 

Real Love is not based on romance, candle light dinner or walking along the beach hand in hand. Love is base on respect, compromise, care and trust. ~ Margret Mala 

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