Are you always looking for happiness?

Are you always looking for happiness?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in life but it’s always there. Nobody’s life is all bad. Some of us just have to look a little harder or deeper. ~ Sue Mcvety 

Avoid those people that create problems or doubts where none existed. ~ Barbara Butler 

We are all looking for happiness. Sometimes all it takes is to stop focusing on our troubles and start thinking of our blessings. A lovely reminder, that happiness truly stems from inside of us. Hold on to that feeling, cherish it, and be grateful. ~ Nancy Ward 

Try to stay away from people who make you loose it. ~ Gloria Johnson 

Avoid negative people in your life & those that are always looking for a reason to get mad or back at someone they only hurt themselves. Stay with the positive people, they are the ones that matter in your life. ~ Cathy Henderson 

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