When you are in a stressful situation

When you are in a stressful situation

Instead of focusing on what is going on around you, focus on how you are feeling on the inside about it. If something makes me angry. I just sit with the feeling and say I feel angry and it’s ok to feel that way given the circumstances. And before I know it the feeling goes away just by validating the feeling I am experiencing. It takes a lot of reinforcement of validating your feelings but eventually you don’t go around so angry and irritable all the time. ~ Kevin Truesdale 

Stress is a part of life. Ignore your problems and they just grow. Just deal with whatever you have to and move on. If that involves a bit of stress so be it. Sometimes it’s completely unavoidable. ~ Shawn O’Reilly 
You can face any storm as long as you know where to focus your attention. In a hurricane where is the calmest of that storm. It’s in the eye of it, so stand firm and erect yourself for that too (the storm) shall pass. ~ Lucy Brown 

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