What’s hurt you can be healed

What's hurt you can be healed

Whatever happens in life, always & always maintain a positive spirit!

Learning how to make your own closure helps with the hurt, many times we seek answers that will never be given, so we have to ask ourselves is it worth wasting our energy on forever wondering.

It will be your choice to let the pain remain. We are blessed with forgiving hearts and minds that can forget. It is up to us, to use them the way it will benefit us. ~ Maricar Zepeda 

Our egos try to tell us that we are different, that we will never measure up, but our souls tell us we are perfect just the way we are, right here, and right now. Ask yourself this important question, which voice am I listening to today. ~ Jim Long 

Once broken it can never be the same again. Why cling to the old and broken things when the new has a better promise in which new life, new start can wash away the past pain. ~ Anna Liza 

Every day is a new day and it’s new opportunity to start again.

You can become stronger, happier and more kind to others. Once you weather the storm, you know a lot more about yourself. Hang in there! ~ Dennise Christie 

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