The saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

The saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

Those who live in depression can understand how making others happy can ease the pain of their own unhappiness. To have family that cares for you and supports you on a daily basis could help hide the pain but only for so long  Undiagnosed depression is deadly. Rip Robin Williams you truly were a beautiful soul. To think that a man who made others so happy but took his own life because he was so unhappy is the saddest thing to understand. I live with sadness, but I try to remain happy by being there for my child. I think that being gone would make others sadder than I live now. So everyday I wake up put a smile on my face and live knowing that I could have it a lot worse. There are those who live everyday knowing it could be their last and if you think that you are guaranteed tomorrow you are wrong. Be happy, be with family, be humble, be a friend. Never ever try to underestimate someone else’s pain or hardships unless you have walked in their shoes first. You have no idea what they are going through and if you are sad get help. It’s out there, you don’t realize how much sadder others would be by not being around anymore. ~ David Williams 

When life takes you down keep up the fight, it may be tough and success seems to be out of sight, life will become complex and nothing will look right, have patience and faith and keep going through dark at the end you will reach the light.

After bad days good will also arrive, have believe in yourself, it’s the only thing that will help you survive.

Failure doesn’t mean it is end of it, I means you have to try again and wait a little bit.

Don’t waste time doubting yourself ever, some opportunities are rare and its now or never.

When dream is broken everyone feels pain, thing that makes winner different that they never complain.

They know life is not always fair, you have to move or you will be stuck to pain right there.

So better to move and let go the past, success will as early as u do it fast.

Every single effort you make will give you feeling, success in near and you are healing.

Now everything is changed when you look around, the feeling of success will make u proud.

Your fight against odds will finally complete the story, you have done it and achieved the glory.

~ Vivek Thakur

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