The person you are meant to be with you

The person you are meant to be with you

You should never have to chase someone you are meant to be with. If they really love you, you won’t have to do this. It also has to do with self-respect and loving yourself. Respecting yourself is not chasing or begging someone to love you. Love is not to be earned. It is unconditional. ~ Amanda Johnson 

No ultimatum just a mutual respect to part ways. People know what they will and will not put up with. When you compromise something you know you cant put up with you are setting yourself up for failure. You are not being truthful and eventually the truth will eventually come out and the relationship will be over. Real Love will not allow a person to make that mistake. When people are truly meant to be together they conform to the truth that keeps them together. I believe when God joins a couple together what he has joined together cannot be broken or separated. The reason why it can not be broken is because the couple will always go back to the truth that brought them together in the first place which is God and Love. ~ Elita Giles 

Certain people are just meant for one another no matter the drama or the rough roads ahead. If you truly believe then I believe you will find your soul mate especially when you least expect it or someone that has been there all along even if you haven’t seen them in awhile but that’s just me. ~ Jasson Batson 

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