The key to your happiness

The key to your happiness

Happiness is a choice. It comes from within ourselves, not outside of us, so the reason to be happy is because we choose to be happy, not being happy because of someone or something. ~ Sushant Negi 
Some people just hang on to all the bad things in life and keep looking for someone to make them feel better. It ain’t going to happen you got to make your own happiness and let go of the heart breaks and pain in your life when someone tells me they are unhappy because of breakup, bad health, and or a death of someone they love. I ask them why do you do that to you. It’s hard to get over your grief how well I know, but it’s better to get on with your life stop playing the sadness over and over like a record get a freaking life instead of waiting for something or someone to fix it for you. ~ Mary Francis 
Don’t let someone else control you. There is people out there that does that and not that person really let them. They get trap and they need help to have there happiness back again. ~ Debbie Enright 

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