Sometimes the best you can do is just remain silent

Silence is required in the middle of the battle!

Most of the time its better to keep silent and ask God for guidance to overcome all the sufferings we’ve been through, and go to a place that will make you comfortable to make ease all the pain. ~ Medelina Nacianceno 

Sometimes it is just more than you can do. Most of the people don’t want to hear, let alone try to understand. Some days I can hardly get through the day, but I put on a big front. I may seem happy outside but instead it’s as if I’m living in a empty body. It seems as if like I’m on the outside looking trying to find my body where it belongs. I pray & pray only God can help me. Depression is an awful illness to cope with. Some days I can hardly exist, I tell myself it is the just in my head. ~ Betty Mcdaniel 


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