Some people come into your life for a lifetime

Some people come into your life for a lifetime

What is a life time expectation? Thing change from moment to moment, either our own sensation, emotion, hormone, chemical, movement, breathing in-out, wealthy or poverty, healthy or illness, substain comes then go, nothing is permanent. Expectation is another form of suffering whether for a life time, short term or long term. Expectation or our logical mind also impermanent, nothing last life time, lets just take it as it is. Change never easy, we fight to hold on (our expectation) then we fight to let go (our expectation) . ~ Unknown
Life is a journey and you will meet some people that will teach you and other people will help you learn, your journey is not over yet, pay attention!
We must never forget that who so ever comes in our life even for fraction of second always leaves his or her imprint on our lives.
When someone keeps looks at their watch, cellphone, always says their busy & is unreliable in everything…walk away they are nothing but a “fair weathered so called friend” no one deserves someone like that in their life. You are better of without them. ~ Mark Raymond 

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