Putting your phone away & paying attention to those talking to you

Putting your phone away & paying attention to those talking to you

Technology has created very bad habits in us. Most people know better, but just don’t care.

You know what is really Sad? When you see a family out in a restaurant and no one is talking because they are all on an electronic device of some kind. Even the 5 year. old on a tablet playing games so he won’t bother the parents who are on their phones and the children have no social skills. If you ask them something they answer with yea and no. No thank you’s or pleases. Very sad! ~ Susan Brown 

Here in Finland have also noticed the huge difference between people who live in cities and people who live in countryside. People who live in city are almost always with their cellphones, social skills are very lowsy. But when going to countryside, people actually speak with you, pay attention to you when you speak and whats the most great thing, they listen you! Here is always everything about cellphones, tablets or computers. One reason this too why thinking very seriously to move away from city. This city where I live now, will be developed to be the most technical & computer-rich place in Finland. Even the thought of it makes me so sick that have to move away from here.. People think here in Finland that its development to put computers and internet to everywhere, no one questions it either. Face to face services are more and more gone, or then for example people in stores or restaurants know nothing until they check everything from computer, they stare the computer instead of talking to you, the client. Also doctors watch the computer rather than clients in the hospitals what are for basic people. Young doctors go mad and angry if you question their ways to check you. They say its all in computer that you are this and that although you explain yourself how your body works and what you feel and say to doctor that could you please check me.. Seriously living in city starts to be so frustrating that, no wonder being so. This is starting to be like a religion here. Computers and internet and techniques in where computers and internet is the bible of it all. ~ Mari Salminen 

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