No one ever asks if you are okay

No one ever asks if you are okay

It’s because instead of whining and complaining about problems, we find constructive ways to fix them without having to broadcast to the world that we are struggling. ~ Heather Shaffer 

People that are strong they cry a lot and always pull it together at the last min. Always taking care of everyone first. 

We have to pull ourselves together because people know we’re strong and that they think because of it we don’t need others help. ~ Andrew Leydon 

We as strong persons are strong because we had to be to not got down. I know I did. What choice did I have? None! I had to learn to open up again to the people close to me. That wasn’t easy, but in time it is working better and better. The strength comes from within. Be proud of it. Strong does not mean never to cry! It means knowing you will get through it all in the end and we do! In the end, we get the job done and we pull through it. ~ Nathaly Gritzo 

Strong people know to ask for assistance or love when needed. A strong person is to be an example of self love and God’s strength, and not be a mental burden on others. ~ Rebecca Brazzell 

The best part of being strong is it does not matter, it’s my fight and I will keep fighting till I succeed because it’s never between you and those who does not care but it’s between you and God, have faith, situation will turn on it’s head.

Strong people need a hug too. Someone has to take care of the caregiver at some point.

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