Living amongst people who cannot understand you

Living amongst people who cannot understand you

The only thing about pain is that we don’t know who’s going to hurt us. Either it’s the people we love or the people we hate, we can’t help except going through it. The pain hurts but there’ll be a day when the wound will heal. ~ Varun Arora 

Don’t focus on those who don’t understand. Share what you feel you need from others, on to others who feel like you. The more we give, of anything, the more we receive. Eventually you will be fulfilled by others whose hearts are like yours, and your heart and soul will be healed. ~ Dena Jones 

It hurts the worst when it’s family that just won’t even try to listen and understand you, but you keep loving them anyway and sadly, you are ‘dead’ to them and they won’t even acknowledge you anymore. ~ Lla Armstrong

Give your heart a break. Protect your heart by throwing out those insensitive people from your life. ~ Debapriyo Saha
What really does damage to a “good soul” is when your heart is aching and bleeding in pain from being broken by your own family. I am starting a new chapter and hope that I can find empathetic loving people just like me, and if I can’t find people like that then I will happy being alone. ~ Bella Bella 

It is through pain in life that we become stronger. Just be optimistic and believe we can make it through with the help of the people who believe in us. ~ Thelma Dela Cruz 

It is the people who promised to be honest with you, the ones that made you feel safe, the ones who promised not to hurt, those are the ones that hurt you the most. ~ Patricia Winkfine 

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