It’s the friends you can call up at 4 am that matter

Anybody can be a hero for a friend who has a crisis at 4 am. The friends that matter most, are the ones who text you right back and invite you to their parties and check in with you if they haven’t heard from you in awhile and remember your birthday and your favorite color and always want to hear about how you’re doing even when your life is really boring. I’d rather have one or two everyday friends than a dozen 4 am friends. Mainly because I never have crisis at 4 am, but I need social interaction every single day. ~ Lisa Shaw 

I’ts that friend that is always there. That knows the right words to say. That friend that makes you part of them. That friend that knows when something is wrong. That friend that knew how to read expressions. That friend that is there at every hour of the day. Not just at 4 am but is there 24/7. There isn’t that many friends like that but the moment you find one like that never let go, & I will never let go of you friend. For a reason we’ve become best friends, your one I can always count on. ~ Jessica Garcia 

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