If you meet a loner in your life

If you meet a loner in your life

Being a loner is not a bad thing, but being lonely is. Peoples opinions you will ignore more and more as you get older.
I do enjoy solitude and really enjoy my own company, but the more I am hurt and/or disappointed by others, the more I crave solitude. ~ Terri Czelusniak 
Introverts enjoy solitude, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like people. They want to have friends and fun just like extroverts. Maybe we just don’t like chit chat we want to talk about real things. We want deeper and honest conversations. We do need our alone time to get energized, to think, we think a lot, but yeah the other holds true as well. ~ Janice Jackson 
I’ve actually been a loner all my life. Outside of school I never really had any friends. I learned how to love myself & be my own best friend from my teenaged years. People made me that way though. I still have not changed. I really, honestly prefer to be in my own space. ~  Meisha Bailey 

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