If you have anger when leaving a situation or relationship

If you have anger when leaving a situation or relationship

Just walk away, no need revenge nor hard feelings, just be grateful and have faith that there’s a wonderful joy ahead! Let Karma do the rest.

Let it all go, sometimes it just isn’t what you thought it should be. It’s easy after a while. Goodness always wins in the end!

If you truly love the person you would want that person to be happy with or without you, so move on! 

I’ve had this situation twice in my life and both times, I don’t know that I’d call it forgiveness however letting go is so powerful! Holding resentment only consumes you. It doesn’t mean I have forgotten because I don’t think. I’ll ever be able to forget. Those situations don’t determine my life however they have determined the better person I’ve become in spite of it. When you can say in your heart that you have done everything you can possibly do and be able to live with that thought, then it’s time to move on. ~ Mare Zorio 

Forgiveness is for you not the other person, it makes you feel good, lessens your load so you can move on.

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