If people are busy discussing your life with others

If people are busy discussing your life with others

Misery loves company and it is always at the expense of others.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It can be hard to remember this when you are the person hurt by the gossip and at that point, nobody really wants to know the real truth. However, this is a great way to look at the person (people) who gossip. Makes you think twice about listening to it about others also! ~ Susan Dupree 

I don’t engage in gossip, it’s wrong. I also don’t concern myself with what others say or do about me. You can’t stop gossip but you can stop worrying about it and move forward with your life. There are many types of people on Earth turn away from the negative dark kind, they have their own journey as we all do. ~ Sibel Mordeniz 

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