How to release negative emotions?

How to release negative emotions?

You need to release them, or all those stuffed emotions will break out all at once & at the worst time possible. They can also cause illnesses that can kill you! ~ Laura Dahlberg 

We are expected to be able to easily let go of negative emotions. It’s the fact, that deep inside, we don’t want to feel negative or hurt by someone, and so subconsciously, we cannot bear these kind of feelings, and that’s why we not only feel bad. We actually feel bad about feeling bad. Subconsciously we wish we could get rid of those painful feelings and that’s what makes it hard for us, to release negative emotions. One day, I felt so bad, and I decided, to not fight against it, not analyze it, just trying to minimize the thoughts in my mind, and let the feeling be. To the mind it appears ridiculous to just “let things be”, but the minute I started, things very much changed. In the end, the difficulty is not “being” in a state, where you feel sad or negative and hurt, it’s the “image” that we have about “simply accepting the painful emotions”, that it appears impossible to stay still with those type of emotions. So for me, the hardest part is “the decision” to just let the negative emotions be and not analyze it, but once you make the decision – done deal. The minute you “truly” accept feeling bad, you release pressure and resistance. After that it’s snowballing positively. ~ Dane Dandelion 

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