Girls are like apples on the tree

Girls are like apples on the tree

I have been waiting for a very long time and there have been a few men that I have allowed in my life and should not have. This does not mean that I am a bad or easy apple. What it does mean, is that I need to wait. Not be out there on the hunt looking. Be the amazing women that we are and do not shrink to lower standards and the right one will come! That is the real message. Know your value! Know you are amazing, beautiful, courageous, smart! These are things I am willing to say, that I am continually working on. ~ Diane Stevenson 

The apple fell off the tree and landed on the ground. It’s easier to pick the apple off the ground than it is to climb a tree and pick one. The girls at the top are usually strong and intimidating and it takes a strong confident man to stand up and do what it takes to win her heart. ~ Rochelle Schulte 

Ladies, I think the message is don’t let your standard on who you are and become easy to get turning yourself to someone that someone else wants you to be just to be accepted. Ones who are on the too are metaphor for hard to get (because she is confident in herself and does not lower her standard on herself to get picked). It does not mean they are on top because they fight against others to be on the top. They are on top because they strive to be the best they can be. Ones that are on the ground and rotten are metaphor for ones that has lower self esteem and ends up being available for anyone to pick them up just to be accepted this giving up on the best person she can be. It’s about focusing on being the best you can be, and If anyone keeps up with you and is interested in “picking” you, then he might be worth taking to. Some might take it that it indicates that apples only waits, they don’t choose who they want. I don’t think it’s so much about that. But if you are striving to be your best, you end up being best people’s attention, so you probably don’t need to be going out looking because best people recognize the best apples when they see them. There nothing wrong with girls looking for the right person, or choosing the right person though. I do think that often times, the reason boss don’t choose the ones on top might be just immaturity our laziness, not the issue of bravery. But you don’t really want to be with someone who are lazy or immature anyways. The message is about do you want to be the best person you want to be, or do you want to be the person someone else wants you to be? ~ Erika Hurst 

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