Are you stressing about something?

Are you stressing about something?

One morning we wake up and realize that the person who where in our life yesterday are no more a part of your life. The mistakes which you did can’t be changed, the grief you have will surely be not that much after a month but you are also sure that the people you lost will be never back in your life. Love and respect two things. First, time and second, your loved one’s because nobody knows what will happen in the next moment but at present your heart knows what is needed to be done and don’t let anything stop yourself from doing it! ~ Deepak Singh 

When I look back some challenges I have been able to overcome & I’m thankful. I’m still facing tougher challenges but I made up my mind to make a choice and be positive. The inner me has the willingness and nothing is permanent as long as I think positively and stay strong. Difficult situation and challenges have made me embrace life and be positive not easy but what I know for sure my tomorrow will come with full of hope. ~ Mary Maggie 

The reason of our stress is that we think of something before the right time. Everything gets solved at right time because God’s plans are much better for us than ours. What we do brings stress and what He do brings happiness and peace.

Everyone who is stressing and don’t think that will change is the (near) future; stop focusing on the stress. What you send out, you will receive. So if you send out you are stressing, that is what you’ll get. Nothing, and I really mean nothing, is worth stressing about for a long time because stress doesn’t help you in the long run. If you are stressing, which is only human, find out why you are stressing and make changes in the way you look at the situation. Most of the time you stress because you look at a situation from a negative point of view. ~ Petra van der Ploeg 

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