All you notice is the person who doesn’t accept you

All you notice is the person who doesn't accept you

There is one person who accepts me for who I am. The rest keep trying to change me in some way. I decided to ignore their attempts because they don’t understand my goals and needs very well. I’m an introvert in a family full of extroverts. I accept that they will never understand my need for solitude and natural surroundings, starlight and silence and there are a few who don’t understand, but love me anyway. ~ Tracy Johnson 
I had one of those people in my life too. I guess they thought they were perfect but, I knew differently. When I finally had the courage to get rid of them, I felt so good. Now I have gotten sick and glad they are not in my life because I know they would say it was my life style. Here’s to all of us who have spring cleaned our friend’s list! ~ Carole Davis 
As much as you try to ignore those people that don’t it still hurts your heart. Hopefully I show how much I care to those that do accept me. ~ Kathie Schwotzer 
I cannot control that people make the wrong assumptions about me on occasion. It’s not my fault people have poor communication skills or low emotional IQ’s. I am only responsible for my own actions. It’s a two way street. If there is a breakdown in communication it’s usually because logic always wins, language barrier, lying by omission. ~ Kathleen Kuhn 
It’s strange that we can remember things people say that hurts our feelings but we don’t remember that compliments. ~ Loci Nelson 

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